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In order to enable more users to experience the safety and convenience of and enjoy the services of the platform, we hereby introduce the VIP Shuttle VIP Sharing Campaign. From today, VIP users from other exchanges can apply for the corresponding VIP levels on


During the campaign, users should fill in the form below and submit information, which is considered a participation. We will then collect the information and confirm applicants’ VIP levels on other platforms, applicants who have met our requirements can obtain the VIP levels accordingly for free.

Submit your VIP application at:

Please note:

1. The VIP level screenshot should include user UID or user name and period of validity, etc.

2. The user UID or user name, VIP level and other information related should be consistent with the application.

For example, Bob holds the equivalent level of a VIP1 user on another exchange, the 30-day trading volume he holds on that exchange should be no less than 100 BTC (but not up to 200 BTC).

* “VIP Shuttle” VIP Sharing Campaign is only applicable to users with VIP levels and trading volume from other exchanges, not users with GT positions or assets from other exchanges

Please refer to more VIP rate standards at:

* reserves the final right of interpretation for this campaign. is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Since 2013

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August 30, 2021