FLUX, HMR Market Adjustment Notice

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Dear BitForex users, 

In order to increase market liquidity and improve trading experience, Bitforex will adjust the FLUX, HMR spot trading pairs.


The detailed adjustment schedules are as follow:


August 31th. 2021 11:00(GMT+8)

  • Hide the HMR/BTC trading pairs from Spot market, 

Note: Please cancel your HMR/BTC pending orders in advance or the system will cancel it automatically and return the full amount of your assets to your Spot account.


September 3rd. 2021 17:00(GMT+8)

  • Add FLUX/USDT market to Spot trading.
  • Resume the HMR/BTC Spot trading
  • Tick Size Adjustment(i.e., the minimum change in the unit price):  Add 1 decimal points to HMR/BTC Spot market. Details of the adjustment are shown in the table:
Trading pair Tick Size (Before) Updated Tick Size
HMR/BTC 0.00000001 0.000000001

Note: The HMR/USDT Spot trading will not be affected.


Thank you for your support!

BitForex Team