Announcement on The Full Send (FULLSEND) Migration and Token Conversions

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Dear BitMart users,


BitMart will support Full Send (FULLSEND) migration and provide users with a swap service, so users on the platform can complete the exchange without any actions. The detailed arrangements are as follows.

  • BitMart will suspend FULLSEND deposit and withdrawal features at 8:00 AM 8/31/2021 (EDT).
  • BitMart will suspend trading and delisting all FULLSEND trading pairs at 8:00 AM 8/31/2021 (EDT).
  • BitMart will distribute new tokens according to the actual exchange ratio afterward, based on the snapshot of user positions at the time of delisting on August 31, 2021.
  • Please pay attention to the latest announcement from BitMart.

If the FULLSEND order is not close at the time, the system will automatically close the order for you and the related assets will be returned to your trading account.


Thanks for your support!


BitMart Team

August 31, 2021