Has Launched A New Version Of The Liquidity Mining Pool Bonus For ZLW/USDT, ZLW/ETH (Automated Market Maker AMM),LM Reward Pool Adds Time-Limited 4,040 ZLW 09-01 09:13 相关类型 活动's ZLW/USDT, ZLW/ETH liquidity mining rewards pool have been added, 50% of the trading market fee income will be added into the liquidity bonus pool; Taker and Maker fees are adjusted to 0.3% from now on ( Points reduction is not supported). has added a 4,040 ZLW time-limited bonus to ZLW/USDT, ZLW/ETH liquidity pools at 8:00 am UTC, today, Experience Now!

Click on the link to earn ZLW earnings:

To further enhance the user experience, has launched a new version of its liquidity pool (Centralized
Automated Market Maker service) on August 1, 2021: allowing most new and
non-mainstream coin markets to gain the same liquidity advantages as
Uniswap, and allowing users to enjoy a low-cost and high-quality user
experience on a centralized platform. will continue to add
support for more tokens in the coming future, so be sure to check our
announcement board for future updates.

Click here for the introduction of the new liquidity pool: will upgrade some markets to automatic market maker (AMM) mode announcement (new 50% varying platform trading fee bonus)

Additional Reading:

What is the Automated Market Maker (AMM) mechanism?

Through the automated market maker mechanism, the liquidity provider
(LP) can earn trading fee revenue by providing liquidity to the market.
The order takers offer fees to the LP in exchange for lower slippage.
Through this mechanism, the market needs of both parties are well
matched, allowing LPs and takers to get what they want.

What is an impermanent loss?

It refers to the loss of capital due to spreads that occur when the
price of a digital asset changes after an investor has deposited in the
automated market maker liquidity pool. Irrespective of how the price of
the digital asset changes, inpermanent loss will occur and the larger
the spreads, the larger the loss.

What is liquidity mining?

Liquidity mining is a method of acquiring more cryptocurrencies by
pledging cryptocurrency. It is a new trend in decentralized finance
(DeFi) that allows cryptocurrency investors to fully utilize their
crypto assets and receive higher returns. Anyone can participate in the
eco. Simply put, this means locking in cryptocurrencies to receive

What are the benefits of providing liquidity?

Users can earn market making dividends by adding liquidity to the
market. By adding liquidity, funds are injected into the pool, and the
fee revenue earned from automatic market making in the pool is
distributed to the liquidity provider in proportion to their share of
the pool. Liquidity can be accessed in real time without any commission

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September 1, 2021