Join Futures Brawl 11 to Win $3,500 Cash Bonus!

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Futures Brawl 11! Lead your team and win awards!

Invite friends to join you in the Team Brawl and claim more points. Go with your team and hit the top of the leaderboard!

Come and play Futures Brawl now to get a chance to share the prize pool. You could win an 1 BTC!

Futures Brawl is now offering prize pools and the rewards can be withdrawn.

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Promotion Time: 10:00 on September 1, 2021 - 8:00 on December 1, 2021 (UTC)

Wheel of Fortune

Users can play Futures Brawl every day to win points and spin the Wheel of Fortune. Each draw will consume 20 points, and you can 5 draws at most for each day. Unused draws will be cleared by 16:00 (UTC) each day.

Go try your luck, click to start your Futures Brawl now!

Brawl Points

Players will receive USDT awards according to their rankings based on their brawl point total. Details are as follows:

  1. The top 3 players can get the corresponding rewards based on their ranking, while the top 4-10 players can share the rewards based on the ratio of individual points to total points. For participants with points ≥100, they can get a share of the Participation Reward according to the ratio of their individual points to total points.
  2. Invite friends to participate in Team Brawl and get more points! How to play Team Brawl?
  3. Awards for each of the top 4-10 players do not exceed 40 USDT.
  4. Brawl points are generated during Futures Brawl trading. Point ratio = Individual points / Total points of users at the same reward level. Trade now

Winning Streak

Players will receive USDT awards according to their rankings based on their longest winning streak. Details are as follows:

  1. The top 1 player in the Winning Streak rankings will get 30 USDT. If there is more than one player that ranks top, each player can get an equal share of the reward.
  2. For players with a Winning Streak of ≥ 6 rounds, they can share 1500 USDT based on the ratio of individual consecutive wins to total consecutive wins.

E.g.: If one successively wins 10 rounds, and the number of total consecutive wins of those whose Winning Streak ≥ 6 rounds is 100, then the player can share: 10/100*1500=150USDT


  1. How to have a 3v3 Team Brawl?
  2. ONLY users who have signed up for the activity can claim the Participation Reward. The top 10 users are not able to claim the Participation Reward. Notice: For the claiming of the participation rewards, please be sure to click to sign up for the activity first during the promotion time.
  3. Users can enjoy both the rewards for the Winning Streak and Brawl Points if they qualify. The minimum amount of above awards is 0.5 USDT.
  4. The platform will snapshot the LeaderBoard at the end of the activity. Any changes of points and winning streak after the snapshot will not be counted.
  5. For any duplicate or fake accounts found to be cheating or attempting to conduct fraudulent behaviors, the platform will withhold the distribution of the rewards; for any manipulations attempting to get the rewards illegally, the violators will be deprived of the qualification for the rewards.
  6. The activity rewards will be distributed to those qualified users within 7 working days after the activity.
  7. KuCoin Futures reserves all rights to the final explanation of the event.

Recently Updated

  1. Released Futures Brawl 11 and its prize pools
  2. Upgraded prizes on Wheel of Fortune
  3. Optimized other features

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