OKEx launches decentralized crypto ecosystem DeFi Hub, featuring NFT Marketplace

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Today, Sept. 2, we're launching a decentralized digital asset ecosystem, DeFi Hub, offering a user-friendly portal into the world of decentralized finance and digital collectibles. The first products available in this new decentralized section of OKEx are NFT Marketplace and DeFi Dashboard. 

What is DeFi Hub?

DeFi Hub is a new decentralized ecosystem on OKEx, providing a portal into the world of decentralized finance and nonfungible tokens. Anyone can use DeFi Hub to access NFTs — you can buy, sell, trade or mint your own digital collectibles on NFT Marketplace. You can also use DeFi Dashboard to view and manage assets from different public blockchains and DeFi protocols in a single location.

About DeFi Dashboard

DeFi Hub Dashboard supports multi-chain, multi-wallet and multi-asset functionality from a single, user-friendly interface. Users can monitor their portfolio across multiple DeFi protocols and blockchains at a glance, whether their funds are held in tokens, protocol liquidity pools or NFTs. 

DeFi Dashboard currently supports OKExChain, aka OEC, and Ethereum, along with 24 DeFi protocols, including Uniswap, Yearn, Compound, Maker, Aave and SushiSwap.

About NFT Marketplace

OKEx NFT Marketplace is a decentralized, multi-chain platform that supports the buying, selling, minting and importing of NFTs. The "Primary" market section features curated collections from creators selected by the OKEx NFT team. Primary sales follow either a fixed price or "highest bid wins" auction format. 

NFTs sold on the Primary market, as well as other NFTs created and imported on the platform all trade on the secondary market section, called simply "Markets." All secondary market sales on the OKEx NFT Marketplace are commission-free, and users only pay for their network transaction fees. 

Additionally, anyone can mint their own NFTs — currently only on OEC and Ethereum — within the "My NFTs" section and sell them in the "Markets" section. 


Sept. 2, 2021(UTC)