BitMart Will Support Cardence ($CRDN) Staking

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Dear BitMart Users,


We are pleased to announce that Cardence ($CRDN) staking will be available on BitMart Staking starting from September 6, 2021. Through BitMart, every user can stake $CRDN and earn up to 60%(APY) $CRDN rewards.


I. How to Participate

  • $CRDN Staking is available to BitMart registered users only. 
  • Deposit at least 4,000 $CRDN into your BitMart $CRDN wallet. 
  • The estimated annual yield of up to 60%.
  • $CRDN Staking will available on BitMart Staking on September 6, 2021.

Deposit $CRDN | Buy $CRDN


II. Staking Rewards Calculation

Starting from 2021/09/06, BitMart will begin taking live snapshots of user $CRDN balances.

$CRDN Staking distribution will be calculated as follows:
$CRDN generated by each user = Total $CRDN staking rewards received by BitMart * User $CRDN holdings ratio.

User $CRDN holdings ratio = Average user $CRDN holdings / Average total $CRDN staked by BitMart.


III. Staking Rewards Distribution

The initial distribution of $CRDN staking rewards will be calculated each month, the first session is from 2021/09/06 to 2021/10/06, with the total amount distributed equally to the staking rewards accrued during the period.

$CRDN rewards are calculated daily and distributed monthly. Distributions will be completed before the 9th of each month.


Move your coins to BitMart from anywhere and enjoy hassle-free staking rewards. 


ATTENTION: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. BitMart will make its best effort to list only high-quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.


Thank you for supporting BitMart!


BitMart Team

September 3, 2021