Adventure Gold (AGLD) is listed on CoinBene, deposit 50,000 USDT to share

CoinBene 09-03 16:09 相关类型 币种上线
CoinBene will launch AGLD/USDT trading pair, invite you to experience it.
AGLD deposit time: 17:30 on September 3, 2021 (GMT+8)
AGLD trading time: 18:00 on September 3, 2021 (GMT+8)
AGLD withdrawal time: 18:00 on September 6, 2021 (GMT+8)

[Online benefits, deposit will share 50,000 USDT]

Activity time: 17:30 on September 3, 2021-23:59 on September 6, 2021 (GMT+8)
Event rules: During the event, users who have a net deposit AGLD and a deposit amount of not less than 50 USDT can share 50,000 USDT according to the proportion of the net deposit amount.

Activity notice:

1. Net deposit = deposit minus withdrawal;
2. Rewards will be issued within 10 working days after the end of the event;
3. Participating users need to complete KYC certification;
4. CoinBene will strictly investigate cheating behaviors such as repeated or false accounts, sub-accounts, and mutual transfer of assets. Once discovered, the platform will not give activity rewards;
5. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to CoinBene.

[Project Introduction] (The following content may have errors and omissions in the source network, for reference only)
Project name: AGLD

Project official website:
Browser address:

Project Description:
Loot is a random adventurer equipment generated and stored on the chain. It is a community-driven NFT project. Adventure Gold (AGLD) is a Loot Project governance token initiated by the community, and all Loot holders can get an airdrop of AGLD tokens.

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Risk warning: Digital currency is a high-risk investment method. Investors are advised to purchase with caution and pay attention to investment risks. CoinBene will continue to provide you with better products and services.

September 3, 2021