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The “ Weekly BTC Sharkfin Product #31" launched on August 28th, 4:00 am UTC. During the observation period, the price of BTC has always been in the range of [$44,500-$51,500], hitting the high-yield area. The settlement price of this Sharkfin product is $49389.78. Congratulations to participating users who can get 12.08% annualized BTC revenue in 6 days, and the total interest benefit exceeded $29,700.

The interest has been paid to user accounts. Users can go to “Billing Details” to view the rewards they have received. Weekly BTC Sharkfin Product #31 Revenue Calculation:

The settlement price: $49389.78

The settlement annualized = 3%+(49389.78-44500)/(51500-44500)*(16%-3%)=12.08%


Every Saturday at 12 noon, HODL& Earn will launch a new issue of its BTC SharkFin product. The 32nd phase of SharkFin structured product will be launched next Saturday (4 September) at 4:00 AM UTC, with an estimated return of 3%-16% P.A. The total lock-up amount is capped at 300 BTC, with a lock-up period of 6 days.

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What is a Shark Fin Product? Shark Fin is a capital protected investment product. If the
underlying asset price is within the pre-specified range, the investor
will get a higher yield. Otherwise, the investors will get a minimum
return (about 3% APR).

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September 4th, 2021