Bitfinex 证券有限公司推出受监管的投资交易所(谷歌翻译)

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Bitfinex Securities Ltd. 是一家基于区块链的投资产品提供商,已在 AIFC(Bitfinex 证券)推出其受监管的投资交易所,旨在为希望实现投资组合多元化的会员增加获得大量金融产品的机会。

Bitfinex 证券平台旨在为寻求通过易于访问的“交易准入”流程公开交易其代币化证券的发行人筹集资金。对于该行业而言,这一意义重大的举措将扩大对各种创新金融产品的使用,包括基于区块链的股票和债券以及投资基金。

Bitfinex 证券平台将 24/7 可用,这是数字代币领域的既定做法。此外,由于该平台将部署前沿技术以降低成本、提高效率和优化融资成功率,投资者将获得进入低成本、高性能和全球证券交易市场的机会。

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Bitfinex Securities Ltd. Launches Regulated Investment Exchange

Bitfinex Securities Ltd. a provider of blockchain-based investment products, has launched its regulated investment exchange in the AIFC (Bitfinex Securities), aiming at increasing accessibility to a large set of financial products for members who wish to diversify their portfolio.

The Bitfinex Securities platform is designed to facilitate the raising of capital for issuers seeking to have their tokenized securities publicly traded through an easily accessible "admission to trading" process. This meaningful step for the industry will widen access to a variety of innovative financial products, including notably blockchain-based equities and bonds, along with investment funds.

The Bitfinex Securities platform will be available 24/7, an established practice in the digital token space. Furthermore, as the platform will deploy leading-edge technologies to reduce costs, increase efficiency and optimize the success rate of capital raises, investors will obtain access to a low-cost, high performing and global security trading market.

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