OKEx will list Illuvium's native asset, ILV, for spot trading

OKEx 09-07 10:25 相关币种 Illuvium 相关类型 币种上线

OKEx is pleased to announce the listing of ILV — the native asset of Illuvium — on our spot trading markets.

Trading of ILV will start according to the following schedule:

1. ILV deposits open at 3:00 am UTC on September 7.

2. Spot trading for ILV/USDT opens at 9:00 am UTC on September 7.

3. ILV withdrawals open at 10:00 am UTC on September 9.

Illuvium is the name of an open-world GameFi title based on the Ethereum blockchain. Gameplay revolves around Illuvials — creatures that players can use in battles — which are represented by NFTs. The game's native currency, the ERC-20 token ILV, is used to reward gamers through the title's play-to-earn features and as a governance token for the project.

Illuvium leverages the Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Immutable X to significantly reduce the gas fees required to transact NFTs. Like other popular GameFi titles, gamers take full ownership of their Illuvials and can trade the NFTs on secondary markets, including the project's gas-less IlluviDEX.

Asset name: Illuvium

Ticker: ILV

Total Supply: 7,000,000

Circulating Supply: 634,776

(Data from Sep. 6, source: CoinGecko)

Risk warning: Trading digital assets involves significant risk and may result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives, and seek independent financial advice if necessary.

For any inquiries regarding this listing, please feel free to contact us in the official OKEx Telegram group or via the Support Center.

Sep 7, 2021 (UTC)


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