Announcement on Distribution of First MOVR Rewards for Winning Bidders in KSM Slot Auction Project of 09-06 10:22 相关类型 活动

Moonriver won the Kusama parachain auction. Now is going to distribute the tokens. According to Moonriver’s official news outlets, the reward distribution ratio will be for each 1 KSM (Kusama) that was lent to the Moonriver project, the investor will receive 14.5677 MOVR (Moonriver) tokens. 30% of this reward will be given immediately once Moonriver is fully launched on Kusama. The remaining 70% will be released in equal increments within the 48 week parachain slot lease period.

Previously, was unable to vote on KSM issues on behalf of Moonriver due to the Moonriver project teams limited participating countries and regions. Fortunately, after coordination and communication, the project teams agreed to distribute MOVR rewards to users who participated in KSM Slot: Lock-up KSM & Earn MOVR. Moonriver rewards for winning bidders are as follows:

1. 30% has been distributed according to the number of users participating;

2.The remaining 70% will be distributed weekly before the end of the lock-up period (approximately one year).

For event details and rules, please click to view the following announcement: Announcement Regarding The Release of KSM Token and Rewards Solutions for Moonriver Slot Auction Users

Join KSM Slot Auction with one-click on (Karura project reopen)

Users can enter “Wallet - Billing Details” to query the reward distribution. has launched the MOVR trading for the first time. Click to participate:

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September 6th, 2021