HitBTC 钱包应用发布:轻松进入加密世界(谷歌翻译)

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HitBTC 团队很高兴地宣布推出我们自己的、非常安全且易于使用的加密钱包应用程序。从现在开始,您可以在App StoreGoogle Play 中下载它,并立即开始使用它,无论您以前是否有过加密货币的经验。

在 HitBTC,我们相信加密货币必须是普遍可用的。无论您是经验丰富的交易者、长期持有者还是热情的初学者投资者,您都应该能够像处理法定货币一样轻松地购买和管理代币。

HitBTC 钱包的功能
HitBTC 钱包专为希望无缝进入加密货币世界并执行所有基本操作(例如购买、交换、发送和安全存储资产)的用户而设计。

你可以用 HitBTC 钱包做什么

  • 使用 VISA、MasterCard、Apple Pay 和其他流行的支付方式购买加密货币
  • 直接在应用程序中交换硬币和代币
  • 通过二维码或只需从朋友列表中选择保存的联系人之一即可快速向任何人发送硬币
  • 使用 2FA、生物识别或面容 ID 保护您的资产,并管理来自其他设备的访问
  • 跟踪您的余额并查看每笔交易的详细信息

我们正在实践安全第一的方法,因此您不必担心您的资金安全。 HitBTC 是一个托管钱包,这意味着即使用户无法使用手机,也可以轻松恢复资金。


是什么让 HitBTC 钱包与众不同

  • 除了由创建现代加密领域最古老且高度安全的交易所之一的团队开发外,该钱包还可以独立使用或链接到您的 HitBTC 账户。
  • 支持 500 多种硬币,包括 BTC、ETH、XRP、Cardano 等
  • 创建适合接收任何硬币的通用二维码(交换将自动进行)
  • 以知名媒体来源的相关硬币新闻为特色
  • 快速简便的 KYC 流程
  • 一些市场上最低的费用



HitBTC Wallet App Launch: Easy Access to the World of Crypto

HitBTC Wallet

The HitBTC team is thrilled to announce the launch of our very own, extra-secure and easy-to-use crypto wallet app. From now on, you can download it in the App Store and Google Play, and start using it right away, regardless of your previous experience with crypto.

At HitBTC, we believe that cryptocurrencies must be universally accessible. Whether you’re a seasoned trader, a long-term holder, or an enthusiastic beginner investor, you should be able to buy and manage coins as effortlessly as you handle your fiat money.

HitBTC Wallet’s Functionality
HitBTC wallet is designed for users who wish to seamlessly enter the world of cryptocurrency and execute all the basic operations such as buying, exchanging, sending, and safely storing the assets.

What you can do with HitBTC Wallet

  • Buy crypto with VISA, MasterCard, Apple Pay, and other popular payment methods
  • Exchange coins and tokens directly in the App
  • Quickly send coins to anyone via a QR code or simply by choosing one of the saved contacts from the friend list
  • Protect your assets with 2FA, biometry, or face ID, and manage access from other devices
  • Track your balance and see the details of every transaction

We’re practicing the security-first approach, so you don’t have to worry about your funds’ safety. HitBTC is a custodial wallet, which means that even if a user loses access to their phone, the funds can be easily restored.

The wallet will soon allow creating friends lists and save important contacts, so you won’t need to type in their address every time you want to make a fund transfer. And there’s more to it: in the future our users will be able to send coins to their friends fee-free.

What Makes HitBTC Wallet Special

  • Besides being developed by the team that created one of the oldest and highly-secured exchanges on the modern crypto scene, the wallet can be used independently or linked to your HitBTC account.
  • Supports 500+ coins including BTC, ETH, XRP, Cardano, and others
  • Creates a universal QR code suitable for receiving any coin (the exchange will be conducted automatically)
  • Features relevant coin news from the reputable media source
  • Quick and easy KYC process
  • Some of the lowest fees on the market

Users who prefer to monitor their coins’ performance and analyze the market trends can do so without leaving the wallet whatsoever, as apart from charts, it features the latest news that can be filtered by a particular wallet.

Closing Thoughts
In the past few years, the cryptocurrency space made a huge step forward in terms of adoption, and we’re excited to contribute to the common goal. Not only we care about the users’ funds safety, but we also strive to provide the smoothest and the most straightforward flow for handling crypto.