OKEx Earn launches Flash deals with eighth phase of subscriptions coming soon

OKEx 09-07 22:19 相关类型 币种上线

OKEx Earn will officially launch the eighth phase of Flash deals, and subscriptions will follow soon after. Flash deals for various assets will be available on Earn from time to time. Stay tuned for more information.

The eighth phase of the project: ELF

Subscription model: first come, first served

Subscription time: 03:00 am UTC on Sep. 10

Digital assets Term Total limit Individual limit Rate (APY)
ELF 5 Days 120000 ELF 120 ELF 1000%

To access Flash deals via the OKEx website, select Earn from the Finance section on the top menu and then choose Flash deals.

To access Flash deals via the OKEx app, select Earn/DeFi from the homescreen and then choose Flash deals.

You can also access Earn by clicking here: https://www.okex.com/earn


Sep. 8, 2021(UTC


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