Crypto Cup Competition - Winners & Rewards

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Dear BitForex users,


The Crypto Cup competition has concluded.  In total $10,000 In Crypto prize pool rewards have been calculated and distributed to the winners.


Ranking Rewards for per participant Total Rewards(In USD)
First round - KISHU 5594405594 KISHU $800
First round - SHIB 402212 SHIB $800
First round - BABYDOGE 2298850575 BABYDOGE $800
First round - ELON 68201194 ELON $800
Second Round - SHIB 574713 SHIB $1500
Second Round - BABYDOGE 4048582996 BABYDOGE


Final Round - BABYDOGE 12859560068 BABYDOGE $3800



  • Each participant from second round will also receive a $15 worth BTC perpetual contract bonus.
  • Exclusive NFT rewards for the top 50 transaction volume users of the champion token are required to Claim the NFT reward in 10 days and the NFT rewards will be distributed after the process of counting completed.  
  • The One week free transaction fee for all trading pairs of the champion token(BABYDOGE) will starts at September 09th, 2021 00:00, ends at September 15th, 2021 23:59 (GMT+8). the Spot trading fees will be return to users account within 15 days after September 15th, 2021.


For the event details, click here.



  1. The disqualified users will be excluded for the rewards;
  2. Participants will be disqualified if they have malicious volume behavior;
  3. The qualified participants can directly check account info "My assets" for the rewards distribution.

Thank you for your support!


BitForex Team


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