's first show of creation OpenPunks,who will be the NFTs image winner? 09-10 13:11 相关类型 其它 has believed in the power of the community. OpenPunks hopes to gather strong community power to create extraordinary NFT works. Therefore, we announce that OpenPunks take a official show. The first three Edition creation works include #1#2#3 will be launched today to open the space for community users to create NFT images, competing for ownership of the creation of OpenPunks.

Who will be the winner of the NFTs image Let’s look forward to it together!

First Creation OpenPunks Display

OpenPunks #1#2#3

Participate in NFTs image creation, to win OpenPunks works's first Creation OpenPunks works are open to all community users. Users only need to fill in the application form to have the opportunity to participate in the creation of OpenPunks works.

Finally, according to the voting ranking, the best image of each creation of OpenPunks work is selected, and the winning creator will get the ownership of the first creation of OpenPunks work.

Creation Time: September 10, 2021 13:00-September 17, 13:00

Voting Time: September 18, 2021 13:00-September 25, 13:00

Application Form:

Creation Process: Fill in the application form>Community players participate in creation>Community voting>Reward

Participated in the creation of NFTs image and win a $6,000 dollars reward

During the event, creators of works that meet the creative requirements will vote for their works and share tokens worth 6,000 US dollars in the light of following rules tokens.

4th to 10th positions will share in a $700 reward equally.

Creation OpenPunks works voting

Community users can participate in the creation of OpenPunks works voting, the number of votes is based on GT holdings, such as: 1GT = 1 vote, 10GT = 10 votes, and so on, the more GT holdings, the more votes.

Voting linkWill launch on September 18, 13:00UTC)

Creation of OpenPunks work attributes

OpenPunks is composed of multiple basic elements, each of which has different classification attributes and a specific degree of rarity. They rely on a variety of possible random generation, the characteristics of each component are displayed in the form of text. Different colors represent different levels of rarity.

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1. The works involved in the creation must be original, piracy, infringement, plagiarism are strictly prohibited, and must not contain content that infringes on the personal rights of others' copyrights, portrait rights, etc; content that violates relevant laws such as violence, blood, pornography, and image theft is prohibited;

2. The winner of the creation will own the ownership of the creation OpenPunks works, including: use, modification, authorization, license, transfer, disposal, benefit, etc.; rights that can be used for exhibition, publication, collection, television, network, print or broadcast media display;

3. has all rights reserved. is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Since 2013

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Sep 10th, 2021