Notice Of Supporting The Upcoming NEO N3 Mainnet Upgrade

BitForex 09-13 16:09 相关类型 系统维护

Dear BitForex users,

The NEO network is scheduled to undergo the upgrade to NEO N3 Mainnet, Bitforex will automatically exchange NEO tokens for users.

Relevant announcement: Click Here.


The detailed upgrade schedule on BitForex is as below:

  • The NEO Legacy deposit and withdrawal will be suspended at 9:00 on 14th September 2021(GMT+8).
  • The trading of NEO will not be affected during the upgrade.
  • A system snapshot will be taken at 17:00 on 15th September 2021(GMT+8), covering NEO balances in Wallet account, Spot account, and CAPP account,The migration rewards will be a proportionate distribution based on users’ tokens snapshotted and will be sent to users’ wallet accounts. A further announcement will be released once the reward distribution is finished.
  • This NEO network upgrade will not result in new tokens being created.
  • Bitforex will will resume the NEO deposit and withdrawal once we deem the upgraded network to be stable. Please stay tuned to our official announcement.

Thank you for your support!

BitForex Team