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In order to thank all the Youtubers for supporting to reach new heights, we created’s Voice Youtuber Club! If you love crypto and have more than 100 subscribers on Youtube, come and join the’s Voice Youtuber Club to get rewards now!


Begins at Sep 13th(UTC)

How to Join?

Please Complete the form with your contact information and provide links to excellent eligible video(s). Once your application is approved, You will be informed via email to become a member of’s Voice Youtuber Club once your application is approved. Not only will you earn income from your works, but also get an opportunity to receive official gift packs, video production fee support, traffic sources and invitations for media promotions.

Complete the form to participate:


*The reward rules also apply to the works submitted in application form this time.

*Every eligible video will be rewarded with a minimum of 10 USDT and up to 500 USDT based on the engagement it gets and the trading volume generated via referral link placed in the video description.

*The more qualified videos you submit, the more rewards you could receive!

*Extra Rewards: up to 40% spot trading commission of all trading fees from your invitees, and have the opportunity to get 30% Futures Trading Rebate


Complete the form to participate:


-Must have more than 100 subscribers on Youtube.

-The title of the video must have the word and hashtags about with #Gateio #Crypto #Bitcoin #Doge #ETH, etc.

-The video you submit must be created within the event period;

-Put the referral link in the video description. Get your referral link here:

-Pick topic(s) from platform such as an introduction to, Spot trading, Contract, ETF, Quantitative Copy Trading or whatever you like about Gate!

-The duration of the video should be around 6-10 minutes.

-You could place’s event link in your video description and direct your audience to the page.


1.This activity is a long-term monthly cooperation program, and it will be updated gradually according to the situation later;

2.The only video that meets all the rules can be counted as a valid video;

3.The video cannot be deleted, and videos that have been used in other cooperative events of will not be counted in this program;

4.All submissions must be original works of the participant. Re-submissions of videos from previous competitions are NOT eligible for this program;

5.Rewards will be given in equivalent tokens and distributed to the winners’ accounts and can be viewed at““My Wallets”–“ My Billing Details;

6.Participants must agree and comply with terms & conditions. Any content or actions that could bring disrespect to the brand is strictly prohibited;

7.We will process the application on a rolling basis. Only successful applicants will be contacted by the Team directly; reserves all rights to the final explanation. is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Since 2013

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Sept 13th, 2021