OKEx is now integrated with trading platform Octobot

OKEx 09-14 15:50 相关类型 币种上线

OKEx is pleased to announce that we have integrated with Octobot for professional trading and data analysis. You can trade using technical analysis indicators like RSI, MACD or any other.

About Octobot

OctoBot and OKEx

OctoBot is a free open source trading robot. OctoBot is built around the vision that trading should be accessible to anyone who is interested in it, regardless of their financial knowledge, how rich or how well connected they are. If one of your goals is to grow your wealth by trading, the OctoBot team believes that you should be able to.

A trading robot in the cryptocurrency spirit

Like in cryptocurrencies transparency is in OctoBot's DNA: (100% of the code is open source)[https://github.com/Drakkar-Software/OctoBot]. Anyone can have a look at how the robot operates and add new features that will later be available to the whole OctoBot community.

Trade exactly as you wish

OctoBot has many trading strategies, each using different concepts. You can trade using technical analysis indicators like RSI, MACD or any other and you can do this while listening to Twitter waiting for tweets on a specific account for example. If you prefer, you can also listen to signals from a telegram group or a Trading View indicator you are using. Now if you are more on the low risk side, you can use a low risk market making strategy that will take advantage of overall stable market's small fluctuations.

OctoBot on OKEx

Using OctoBot on OKEx enables your robot to take advantage of the websocket connection that allows for faster data updates. This will enable your OctoBot to react more quickly and increase the potential for profit.

Use  OctoBot 100% for free on https://www.octobot.online/