Akoin (AKN)

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     1.Project Introduction.

Akoin is a blockchain platform and digital currency led by Akon. It is committed to bringing a trusted and interoperable (via atomic swap) digital currency to countries within Africa which suffer from weak and over-inflated fiat currencies that prevent citizens from accessing financial services and participating in the global economy.

The Akoin Ecosystem will provide token holders with access to a wide range of decentralized apps (dApps) and apps, and tools for entrepreneurs to connect, engage and scale business in regions such as Africa, while providing a positive social impact to their communities.

  1. Coin Info
  • Token Name: Akoin
  • Token Symbol: AKN
  • Token Type: XLM-20
  • Total Supply: 450,000,000 AKN
  • Circulating Supply: 101,709,783 AKN
  1. Useful Links

                English: https://www.akoin.io/pdf/Akoin-WP.en-US.pdf 

                Arabic: https://www.akoin.io/pdf/Akoin-WP.ar-SA.pdf 

                Spanish: https://www.akoin.io/pdf/Akoin-WP.es-ES.pdf 

                French: https://www.akoin.io/pdf/Akoin-WP.fr-FR.pdf 

                Japanese: https://www.akoin.io/pdf/Akoin-WP.ja-JP.pdf 

                Russian: https://www.akoin.io/pdf/Akoin-WP.ru-RU.pdf 

                Turkish: https://www.akoin.io/pdf/Akoin-WP.tr-TR.pdf 

                Korean: https://www.akoin.io/pdf/Akoin-WP.ar-SA.pdf