Reward Distribution of “KuCoin Futures 2nd Anniversary Carnival! Go Share Million Dollar Bonus!”

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Dear KuCoin Futures Users:

Thanks for your support during the “KuCoin Futures 2nd Anniversary Carnival! Go Share Million Dollar Bonus”! The event ended at 08:00 on September 1, 2021 (UTC). The rewards of “Repay Our Loyal Users”, “Futures Insurance”, and “Brawl King" have been distributed to the winners. The leaderboard of the Brawl Points and the Winning Streak are as follows:

Brawl Points Leaderboard
Ranking Username Points
1 cromagnum 25601
2 Mathi 25002
3 Cheezus 21508
4 Masmei 21341
5 Ptcjoneses 16368
6 seebiscuit 15063
7 Bull21! 15057
8 gwoon 14628
9 Llogan 13977
10 Elvis304 12890
Winning Streak Leaderboard
Ranking Username Rounds
1 pereq 15
2 Akkurt 12
3 Khan11 12
4 Mr guy 12
5 Valois00 11
7 Ross11 11
8 AlEiUS 11
9 YDC 11
10 data19 11

The prizes for the top 11-500 users in Brawl Points and 1,000 lucky users have also been distributed. Due to the large number of users who receive the rewards, the list of winners was not shown in the announcement.

Users who have won the trial of KCS contract will receive invitations and the trial package from KuCoin Futures after the release of KCS contract. The time of the KCS contract release is subject to the official announcement by KuCoin Futures.

Users can go to Assets > Futures > USDT > Transaction History on the KuCoin app or visit the Assets page on the KuCoin Futures website to check the distribution of their USDT rewards, trial funds, and deduction coupons.


1.The “ Trial Fund ” can be used for Futures trading and is valid for 7 days. Trade on KuCoin Futures Lite

2.The “ Deduction Coupon ” is only for Futures trading fee deduction and is valid for 30 days. Click to check the deduction history.

Announcement: KuCoin Futures 2nd Anniversary Carnival! Go Share Million Dollar Bonus!

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Futures Team

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